In Appreciation of the NMACF Judge's, a special Judge's exhibit will be located in Hall C at EXPO, NM.

First Time Exhibitor's Judge & Award Sponsor:  Dan Stouffer


Thank You to All who VOLUNTEER their precious time and help to make
the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair an annual event!

The New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair recognizes the creative talent
of our art community and supports special exhibits at the Fair.


2018 Keynote Exhibit:


The 2018 Keynote Exhibit will feature R4Creating. This special organization strives to support and develop STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) enrichment programs to inspire students, support teachers, and academic coaches. R4 develops trusted parnerships with educators, entrepreneurs, industry and community leaders in order to strengthen and direct community efforts providing quality curriculum and resources to support the future aspirations of your. They are looking for more partners who are motivated to join their efforts and make a difference in communities across our nation.


The Youth Exhibit encourages students to become involved in the arts. It's evolved into a major show for students throughout New Mexico. The Youth Exhibit has grown to over 500 entries and invites preschool through high school students to participate. Visit the  Youth Exhibit Page for more information.


Each year a Silent Auction is held during the Fair to raise funds for a New Mexico charity. Exhibiting Artists donate a piece of their artwork to help support a good cause in New Mexico's community. Customers enjoy placing their silent bids and winning a beautiful piece of artwork and at the same time making a contribution to a charity. The Silent Auction is a three day auction and concludes at the closing of the Fair on Sunday, June 24, 2018. Come to the Fair and place your bids!

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     NMACF is a non-profit 501 (c ) 3 organization

 2018 NMACF

Featured Artist

Steve Knox